Friday, May 2, 2008

E-Everything Going Dark

For those last 2 remaining readers left after all this time, E-Everything is going dark, fini, no mas. Even though these dark economic times should be the golden days of the modern bankruptcy era, the only thing that can truly counted on these days is change.

I am not really certain what the procedure should be to close out a "blawg", but most of the established blawgs I read are all done by lawyers who are partners or owners of their respective practices. I am neither, and am leaving the nest for bigger and better things. While I hope to stay active in the bankruptcy courts, I have joined forces with a dear friend from law school who is the founding member of the Burris Law Firm in Eagle Pass, Texas. There, I will be joining Brian Burris in doing God's work to bring justice to the oppressed and relief to those in need. While that move opens many doors, it also closes a few, and this blawg happens to be one of them. With no heir apparent, E-Everything will be left, preserved in its current state until some e-archaeologist or some future summer intern with the American Bankruptcy Institute finds my posts in the hubris of the Internet, and sadly marvels at the blasphemies of a young lawyer whose ideas were "before their time."

I estimate that I have well over 200 early morning and late evening hours invested in this project, mostly for naught. Along the way, I did get to meet some fascinating people including John Sirman with the Texas Bar, fellow blogger and miscreant Brian Cuban, Tom Mighell in Dallas, Texas' own Craig Ball, and even a few furtive emails with Dennis Kennedy. Vital to the short-lived success of this experiment was Steve Jakubowski, a true scholar and gentleman in the modern legal practice. My deepest gratitude goes to Jack Seward who provided some kind-handed corrections, and some phenomenal opportunities. Most importantly, Jack has become a good friend for which I am eternally grateful.

What, you might be asking, will I be doing with all that free time and energy that were formerly committed to commuting (I am working from home now in the Metropelx area) and blawging? Aside from realizing the dream of practicing with my good friend Brian, I am also working towards the realization of another long held dream - of becoming a published author. I am currently working on an irreverent, self-help work for young lawyers and law students tentatively titled "7 Steps to Destroying Your Legal Career in 7 Years". I am also at the mid-point in a manuscript for a novel tentatively titled "Barge Pilot", focusing on the last day in the life of a former lawyer who lost his family and his law practice to the dual ravages of an all-consuming legal career and multiple sclerosis. Finally, I have in development a thriller tentatively titled "Counsel for the Debtor", finding a first year BigLaw bankruptcy attorney grappling with the unexpected Chapter 11 of a major oil company in the midst of corporate corruption and international intrigue.

Anyone looking to chat, buy a book, hire a lawyer, or drink a beer, drop me a line at or Boutique bankruptcy firms need not apply.