Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Intermission and New Disclaimer

In response to increasing scrutiny of blogs that just so happen to be written and maintained by lawyers, please note that the terms of the disclaimer at the bottom of this site will be changing. This site is NOT intended for the general public, nor is it intended to market or sell my services as a taker of the blood money. Rather, this site is, and has always been, geared towards serving as a collection point for resources, news, and developments in the arena of modern bankruptcy practice in the face of the ever-expanding use of technology. Rather than "hawking my wares", as some bar associations may fear, this site is intended to enrich and educate fellow bankruptcy attorneys and members of other bars. In essence, this blog should be seen as the modern and less formal version of the law review article, the CLE paper, or the newsletter of any of a thousand different professional associations that, peculiarly enough, happens to consist almost entirely of licensed attorneys. In the event that lawyers' blogs are ever forced fully under the watchful eye of state bar associations, the author of this blog reserves his right, and declares his intent, to seek CLE hours for all of the time spent researching, reviewing case notes, receiving and digesting email alerts, and writing these posts.

Now then. On that note, I have been working feverishly the last several days to prepare the first installment in a series of posts designed to solve the Ted Mack puzzle a/k/a What Do I DO about this ESI Stuff in a Small, Cash Poor Commercial Reorganization. That will post very, very soon. I promise. Really.

In between those posts, I will also roll in some of the fun "gadget-driven" posts that I have mostly ignored to this point.

Lastly, thanks are in order to some folks who have driven my traffic way, WAY up...

In roughly chronological order: 1) Thanks to the folks at ABI who have included this little collection of voodoo chants at the ABI Bankruptcy Blog Exchange. 2) Fellow DFW Metroplex resident Tom Mighell with the Inter-Alia blog. 3) Finally, thanks to Sam Hasler with the Indiana Civil & Business Law blog. Mr Hasler's kudos were a bit of a surprise, given that my involvement with the Indiana legal system has been limited to the group TRO that every major NHRA drag racing team (most of whom all have shops headquartered in Indiana) obtained to keep me from begging them daily to let me drive for one of them. Each will be added to my links, just as soon as I finish pontificating about the soon to be updated disclaimer language.

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