Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Last Minute Easter Egg...

This just in from the ABI's Commercial Fraud Task Force Committee: The free bankruptcy triage software being made available by committee co-chair Jack Seward is also being made available to ANYONE, free of charge, for a very limited time. This offer is not restricted to ABI members only, but is also being extended to non-members in an attempt to bring more members into the fold.

In order to access the software, simply submit 10 questions for the rapidly approaching panel presentation taking place at the ABI Spring soiree' on Saturday, April 14th beginning at 4:00 p.m. EST. Questions need to address the areas covered by the abstract below, and should be sent directly to Jack Seward at .

Also, I heard a rumor that there may be a special guest speaker joining the panel. Check back here early and often for developments!

Our panel has been preparing for this event with great enthusiasm. The discussion relates to exactly how are you going to find the assets in the 21st Century for the estate, but quickly enters the subject of debtor counsel responsibilities under § 707, § 542, § 727, Rule 9011 and 18 U.S.C. Michael D. Fielding takes on the role of representing debtor's and becomes concerned regarding debtor and attorney responsibilities as we explore the numerous issues facing any business case and perhaps most consumer cases. David P. Leibowith, Esq. does what's natural to him as a panel trustee, searching for undisclosed assets for the estate but admits times have changed and the digital environment creates new opportunities and responsibilities in uncovering hidden assets. Patricia B. FugĂ©e will be at home when she actively pursues the need for discovering electronically stored information under the FRCP. She has practically told us the rest of us on the panel "you better watch out" and perhaps some of may have thought is that a threat to bankruptcy counsel and besides being focused on the Code does it have anything to do with the ethical responsibilities in our digital society where most anything created today can be found on computers, like it or not? Jack Seward provides the "best practices" in forensics, fraud and electronic discovery issues but does not stop at the FRCP and reminds everyone, The Debtor's Digital Autopsy by definition needs to be performed in business cases and many consumer cases, but always with a tight grip on the practical aspects including timeliness, cost effectiveness and being fair to all concerned. He claims the free and fully-functional bankruptcy triage software that will be provided to those that attend will find more than some of us want to know and it will be shown in real time. Bruce L. Weiner, who often represents the panel trustee, keeps the panel focused and provides hard hitting and probative questions on what's important to understand in your practice, regardless of what side of the isle you find yourself on.

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