Tuesday, August 21, 2007

E-Everything... Meet eWorld!

Long time readers know that this blog was intended to be more than just an insomnia curing repository for discussions of sec. 541 of the Bankruptcy Code in the digital era. Those same long time readers (thanks Mom!) also should have figured out by now that music is a big part of the forces motivating yours truly. To that end, E-Everything was placed to see the announcement of the formation of eWorld Properties and eWorld Entertainment, with Russ Regan being the first named to the Board of Advisors for the enterprise. Thanks to the forward thinking and creativity of Russ Regan, and other like-minded individuals, it is now possible for me to obtain a CD quality copy of a Black Crowes concert just minutes after the final encore. One offshoot of this new venture is the Boomerang Media Station, detailed in the story below.

Now if I can just avoid getting sued for using the phrase E-Everything...

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