Friday, October 19, 2007

State Bar of Texas Displays Technological Dominance Through Recently Announced YouTube Contest

My friend John Sirman and his cohorts at the State Bar of Texas continue to amaze me. Earlier this year, the Texas Bar was the first bar organization in the country to offer its own on-line social network, known as Affinity Circles. This has already been a great tool for me to increase readership of this blog, to locate local counsel in other areas, re-connect with old friends, and develop new relationships.

Now the Texas Bar is taken a step farther into the territory that no bar association as tread before with the announcement of its YouTube contest, "Lone Star Stories: Texans on Justice". According to an email announcement from Sirman, the "contest is intended to give all Texans a venue to share their vision of the promise of Justice for All."

Two winners will be selected, (1)18 and younger and (2) Over 18. The youngster gets a $2500 scholarship, and the oldster gets $2500 cash. Both winners get an expense paid trip to the January State Bar board meeting in Grapevine, Texas. Deadline for submission is Dec. 15.

Rules, entry forms, and parental permission slips can be found here, and additional information can be found here.

I think this is a phenomenal idea, and applaud Sirman, State Bar President Gib Walton, and everyone else who had a hand in putting this together. Since I am still bitter about not being selected as a finalist in the Bar's short story competition last year, don't look for me to enter a video, but I have lots of creative children that need some scholarship money...

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