Friday, June 1, 2007

Does that Come with Complimentary Chocolate?

A recent article on provides a snippet of information about a Swiss company by the name of C-Channel who may offer the ultimate in digital storage and protection. It seems that C-Channel has procured abandoned army bunkers buried deep beneath the Alps, and installed servers and private security. (I didn't know the Swiss had an Army. I wonder if they dug out the bunkers with those mondo-cool Swiss Army knives.)

A C-Channel spokesman claims that the data is secure from theft, fire, hackers, viruses, tape worms and foot-rot. Customers are provided security codes, allowing them to directly access up to 200 megabytes of storage space at any time.

The service has also been characterized as a "Swiss Fort Knox". Wouldn't it be something if this service becomes the next generation of impenetrable Swiss bank account? If data is the currency of the information age, why not? Has anyone alerted NTL to this service yet?

One word of caution though... there is one specific threat that I doubt even C-Channel can ward off... the threat of the Mighty Dig-Dug! For those of you who didn't grow up in the 80's, here is an additional primer to make this post a little humorous.

Have a good weekend. For everyone wise enough to sign up for the NYCLA presentation on Bankruptcy and E-Discovery: How to Adequately Address E-Discovery While Protecting Privilege, see you in NYC!

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